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    Canon 5D Mk II Raw files in CS4?


      Ok, I just bought a new macbook pro with snow leopard , whatever and a new version of cs4 it will not recognize RAW fles from my 5d mkii it just shows them(all un supported RAW files) as a  default icon that has two photos on it  on eon top of the other photo and the pic is of a little boy on a beach and next to the photo is a Loupe maybe?/ do I need to add adobe camera raw or what? I was on the phone with apple and they had no idea and of course there is NO adobe customer support anymore so I am screwed, in fact I have been on the phone on hold with adobe customer support for two weeks as I wanted to change from my Microsoft OS cs4 to  apple and  I could not get thru so I actually bought a brand new version of cs 4 so I could work and now I have a NEW Mac and a NEW cs4 for it and STILL cannot work!!!  anyone PLEEEEEEEZE?????