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    How easy is Flash to pick up?


      My firm has a Flash site built by a web designer.  I'm tired of trying to get him to do the updates that we need--we have to nag and nag the guy.  It would be so much easier if we could do the updates in-house.  We use Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Acrobat all the time; some of the people here are really proficient.  Given this knowledge, how easy would it be to learn enough Flash to be able to do the updates ourselves?  Is it very "Adobe-like?"  If it's likely to be a problem, though, we may change the site over to a CMS platform (I'd rather not).


      Any opinions?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you have someone proficient in programming and animation, then you might have a shot at doing the updates yourself without too much of a learning curve.  I would not say that Flash is Adobe-like since it is not a native-born Adobe product.  You might try finding someone else to do your updates for you.  If the person you go to now is not customer-friendly, I'd be willing to bet there are p[lenty of folks out there that are.


          If you have Flash, then it is worht some play time to see what you or yours can do to get up to speed with it... the only problem with getting up to speed with it is that it can be an unending chase.


          I'd like to say that Flash is easy to pick up, but then I have to remember how hard it was to get my father to be able to use a mouse.

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            Thanks very much for your help.


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              JonnyDL-HV74P1 Level 1

              I think it also depends on the designer/web master. and how proficent he is. I have seen that you can do allot with a little knowledge and a little help.

              So you may be able to do what he is doing. There is no real way to tell.

              One source that was extremely helpfull in flash/actionscript, dreamweaver and many other applications is



              It is a paid service you can join, or they have the tutorials on DVD (they offer samples of tutorials)


              I don't know if this was any help, but hopefully i offered yo a road to at least consider in getting you to your goal


                 Good Luck


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                AttaBoy2 Level 4

                What is your site?  What sort of updates do you want to do?

                lynda.com is probably the best place to start.

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                  If you're serious about learning it, I'd pick up the Digital Classroom Series book that teaches you Flash. I just cruised through the whole thing and it really gave me a solid foundation to build from. I really liked this book.


                  Now I'm working on Adobe's Classroom in a Book for ActionScript 3.0 which will give me a much bigger understanding of the scripting side of things.


                  It's a lot of work to learn, but addicting and fun too. A great skill to have and worth looking into, but not if you just want an occasional quick fix. Just use somebody who already knows flash.