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    External SWF loads too early with .loadClip and starts playing before .onLoadInit


      I am trying to load an external SWF file using the MovieClipLoader. I have had success before in the future but i have never tried loading an external animation, just a static, on frame SWF. Here is my problem. When i load the swf using .loadClip("swf", target) my preloader pops up and starts preloading this movie. Before the preloader stops loading, the external swf animation starts playing in its target and by the time the preloader is finished and faded out the swf is a few seconds in. The preloader works fine (i think) because it loads static swf's fine and fades in and out at the right times etc. This has been puzzling me for a while now. i tried putting

      _root.onEnterFrame = function() {
      if (_root.getBytesLoaded() >= _root.getBytesTotal()) {

      in the external swf in question and this still causes the same problem, so for some reason the preloader thinks its still loading, it it isnt. I thought it might have been because the movie plays before it stops loading and "streams" what it has loaded so far but obviously not.

      Any help with this will be fantastic, thanks