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    Motion stops during transition


      I'm using elements 7. The motion of some of the video clips stops during a transtion. Not all, just some. I rendered and exported an mpg. Same issue. ????

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I assume that you are seeing this in the Program Monitor. Is that correct?


          It seems that the issue continues, when you Export to MPEG. Is that correct?


          Now, if those statements are correct, please tell us more about the Clips, their Handles, and the exact Transitions that you are applying. A good view of the respective Clips on the Timeline, maybe both with, and without the Transitions, would go a long way to helping us see what is happening, where and maybe why. Hint: use the little "camera" icon in the lower-middle of the forum editing screen's Toolbar, to attach the screen-caps.


          Good luck,



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            Wickyman42 Level 1

            Thanks, I'll try. Lets start with more details. I'm using a Toshiba lap top running vista 64. 750Gb hard drive space. 4 Gig ram. Video was taken on a Sanyo Xacti Full HD Dual Camera set at 720p. I attached one of the smaller files. The transition is a Dissolve. I tried other transitions with the same issue. My Program monitor is very jumpy. Not sure if that's normal. The issue continues if I export to mpg.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I'm a little confused by the Sanyo site. It seems to indicate AVCHD material, and then goes on to mention H.264. I also do not see specs. for the 720p material and wonder if it's AVCHD-Lite. Your manual probably goes into much greater and more useful detail, than does the site, which is not uncommon.


              Maybe G-Spot will give you the full details of the files from the Sanyo, and then it can be confirmed exactly what the camera produces in the 720p setting.


              Also, if the material is full AVCHD, a laptop, especially with only one HDD might have issues playing back smoothly. AVCHD is heavily CPU intensive (more so than almost any other format), but I/O is important too, i.e. HDD's, their speed and controller type. With most other footage, I/O is more important, than CPU horsepower. AVCHD just flips those two, in respect to the priority.


              Now, with your sample footage, I did not notice any Transition. Where did it come in? Maybe I just missed it, though I did play the Clip several times.


              Also, what Project Preset are you using? That can be very important and it should match the source footage 100%.


              Good luck,