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    Browse Sequences

    DilbertIsMyHero Level 1

      I am using RoboHTML V7.03.0001


      I think I am missing the boat about what browse sequences are and how to set them up.


      First of all, from what I understand, browse sequences are the << and >> arrows that display so you can quickly navigate through a series of topics one topic at a time.  If this isn't correct, please re-educate me


      Second, I am trying to setup browse sequences in a small help file to see if they will be beneficial to my users.  I have my help file (primary layout is WebHelp) with a TOC.  I go to Tools, Browse Sequence Editor.


      When I click Auto-create using TOC, I only get one 'book' topic with its sub-topics underneath.  These topics are in my TOC but aren't the first topics, they are kind of in the middle.  When I click Auto-create, I enter 8 in the Create a separate sequence for each book down to level field.  I have 6 levels of topics in my TOC.  After reading (and re-reading the online help) I believe this is what this field is referring to.  The resulting browse sequence it auto-creates is actually a level 5 with two level 6's under it.  In this small sample help, this is the only level 5 and 6 topics.  I have attached a screen capture of the TOC and the resulting Browse Sequence Editor screen for clarification.





      I am not sure what I have done wrong or what I am not understanding.


      I tried building a browse sequence by hand but was unclear if should be just one GIANT browse sequence per help file.  If so, when I am ready to so this on the real file, which will be much larger, I would like to have it auto-generate to save time.


      Any help, clarification, or slap upside the head would be appreciated