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    Getting web service results from double click event


      I have an Elixir ILOG Org Chart and I want to add nodes dynamically when a user clicks on the node.  When the click event fires, Can I assign the results of the webservice result to the node as children of that node; similar to what someone would do when calling a function in another language like Java or C#.  For instance I have a method that handles the double click or single click of a user on a node in my Org Chart:


      private function doubleClickHandler(event:OrgChartEvent):void{

           event.item.appendChild(getResults(_id, _idSecond, "") );




      private function webServicehandler_Result(event:ResultEvent):XML{

           return event.result;


      getResults(x,y,z) is the function that calls the web service and returns XML results of all the employees/people that are underneith the object that was double clicked on.  Will this work?