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    Premiere Pro CS4 choking when loading timeline


      Hey Everyone,


      I'm currently using PP CS4 and I'm having a weird issue. I made some edits and have a two video tracks and 2 audio ones. I opened up the multicam monitor and made a few more edits. I then saved and closed the app. This was a couple of days ago and now when I try and re-open the project I was working on, Premiere is choking. It will load the project panel and all the of the other panels but it hangs before it can show any clips in the timeline (the timeline is empty).


      I have the same project on two separate drives and I'm getting the same issue with I try and open from both locations. I then tried opening from an auto-save and it did what it was supposed to. This is at least 4 hours worth of changes I would be losing though. If anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it.


      Thanks in advance,