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    Is it only deleting Contribute admin settings?

    elhz Level 1

      When trying to set up Contribute with a new demo server I got a message saying "The files at [my site] appear to have been recently moved from another location (which they were), because the website's administrative settings are associated with the following addresses only (it then gives some addresses I don't recognize - maybe some of  my client's logins). To continue connecting to your website, you must repair or remove its administrative settings" 


      My question is -- does it only want to remove Contribute admin settings that I had created when the site was on another server or is it possible it might mess with something it shouldn't?  I'm assuming its just going to remove Contribute settings but I thought I'd ask.




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          chris ballet

          Hello, this is Chris.

          The same problem happened to  me, when I set up a new PC and connected with Contribute to my HP.

          From the other PCs there is no issue to connect and work with Contribute CS4.

          Just the latest one gives me this question.

          Did you somehow find a solution?


          In my case I don' t receive any other accounts, and my administrator didn't move it.

          So the HP is on the same place like always,...

          And it shows my my own HP in the last box when it asks "remove the admin settings."


          Thanks for letting me know how you fixed it.


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            elhz Level 1

            Hi Chris,


            This happened to me years ago so I don't really remember the fix.  I

            probably just deleted the Contribute code and started from scratch and gave

            my client a new key.


            Sorry I can't remember exactly what I did,