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    Music in slideshow

    rkmjcha Level 1

      Please help...for some reason when I add music to my slideshow in PE6, when I click the play button, the slideshow begins, but you can't hear the music.  I am clicking on the "Click here to add audio to your slideshow", but nothing happens.  I can see the song is located in place.  I use windows xp and the song is in mp3 format so I don't know why it is not working.  It has worked in the past.


      Your help is appreciated!!!!!

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          xpertpse Level 3

          Try to include the music file in the catalog itself and check whether the application is recognizing the file or not. If there is some problem with the file itself then the application will not play the music file.


          Some times the file extension is mp3 but it may be a bad file. Also check whether you can play the music file in the windows media player or not.



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            I have found that you need to convert your audio file to an .mp3 file and then it works perfectly.  You must do this from iTunes, as follows:


            Select the song file you want to convert --


            Select Edit

            • Preferences

                      Under the "General" tab, click on Import Settings

                           Select "import using mp3 Encoder

                                check the "use error correct . . "


            Then you will have to import the song into Elements 11 and add it to the slideshow.