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    Want to give your OSMF app some air time at Max?

    Will Law



      I'm going to be presenting the "Introduction to Adobe's Open Source Media Framework" session at Max along with Edwin. So two things:


      1. If you're at Max next week, please stop by. Not so much for the content (if you are already monitoring this discussion then it might be preaching to the choir) but to meet some of the other people involved in the project for war stories, sympathy and inspiration. The session is at 11.00 am on Wednesday.


      2. I'd love to show more working apps. Right now I have Adobe TV and KickApps. Do you have an working implementation you'd like to get into a brief spotlight? If so, please send me a URL and a short description of why it's cool or what its for (shameless self promotion is OK) to wilaw [at] akamai.com.