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    Sound breaking up in PE7

    Ballantine nsw Level 1



      Sound breaks up in PE7 when I play back from the timeline. I have Vista 64 bit, Core 2 quad 4Gb RAM, GeForce 9600 GT. Scratch disks are set to E drive which are 2x1Tb drives in raid 0



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          Mine does this as well. Its not constant and seems to be worse if I have music on the soundtrack. It plays and then goes silent for a second or two. I have just learnt to live with it. If I stop playback and restart it always plays properly. Its a pain, however having updated all of my drivers I cant fix this one.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Please tell us more about your Audio files.


            When someone describes Audio as "breaking up," it is most often an issues with Levels and Clipping.


            Open up Window>Audio Mixer, and play your Timeline. Watch the VU Meters. Does anything, anything at all, ever get near the red? Does this come when the Audio breaks up?


            If not, then look carefully at your Edit>Preferences>Audio and Audio Hardware (especially your ASIO settings) settings. Yours will likely differ from mine, but here's what to look:


            ASIO Settings 02.jpg


            Good luck,



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              Ballantine nsw Level 1

              Hi, Have just woken up here in Oz,


              I have had a look at this thread http://forums.adobe.com/message/1901457#1901457 This provided some good reading. I have found that the problem occurs when I continue to edit a saved project. The loaded project will play from the timeline with smooth Video & Audio. If I change something (like move the music track back a couple of frames) the audio on playback becomes broken up (as in sound can be heard for half a second then it stops for a few seconds then another burst of sound for a second and so on. Meanwhile, the video plays smoothly. Same with you, if I stop for a while it will play normally.

              There is a reply from Hunt further down I will have to investigate.



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                Ballantine nsw Level 1

                Thanks Hunt, I will do a grab asap. My sound is on-board.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  My sound is on-board.


                  As is mine on the laptop, from where I took the screen-cap. Note: that screen-cap is a composite of the Audio Hardware AND the ASIO Settings dialog panel. When you open things up, it will not look quite like that, at least not all at once.


                  Now, I have a survey for both you, and Pure2. What is your I/O sub-system setup, i.e. your HDD's, their size, speed, controller type and amount of free space? Next, how is your Windows Virtual Memory (Page File) setup, where is it located, and how is it managed?


                  Audio requires a constant and high bit-rate. The files are large. If one's system is not up to the task, then Audio will drop out, or halt completely. That is where I'm going with the above questions. If the Page File is on the same disk as the media, and maybe the program, and is dynamically managed by Windows (the default), disk read/write can fall behind. In an NLE, like PrE, Video takes prescedence over Audio. All of the above can be very important to Audio performance.


                  Last, if we do not find something in the settings, the I/O sub-system, or the Page File, I'll offer a little ASIO .dll, that has cleared up tons of ASIO problems for many, most using expensive pro-gear on the Audition forum, but also folk with on-board audio. It's ASIO4ALL, and is free. One would download, and install this utility. Reboot and then, they would go to Edit>Preferences>Audio Hardware>ASIO Settings and choose ASIO4ALL for their ASIO devices. If this works to solve the issues, you might want to set it as the ASIO device in all/any Audio/Video programs, that allow ASIO settings. On my workstation, this meant Audition, Magix MovieMaker, MusicMaker, MusicStudio, CyberLink PowerDirector, and maybe four other programs. It worked perfectly and got me flawless 5.1 Audio from my SB 24-bit Live 5.1 card.


                  Good luck, and please let me know about each computers' I/O and also the Page File.



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                    Ballantine nsw Level 1

                    Thanks Hunt , sorry for the delay.


                    • E drive for video is 2x500Mb raid0 SATA @7200 rpm. 902 Gb free
                    • C drive is 500Mb SATA @ 7200 rpm (no raid) 372 Gb free
                    • I have attached grabs showing, ASIO settings, Audio hardware and Virtual memory.
                    • 4 Gb RAM



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                      Pure2 Level 1

                      Hi Hunt


                      I am away from my main computer for nearly 3 weeks so I can only quote from memory at the moment, but I think its correct.


                      C: 320GB - Sata - Windows XP

                      D: ???GB - Sata - Partion of C - Programs

                      E: 1TB - Sata - WD Caviar Black 7200rpm - Media

                      F: 1TB - Sata - WD Caviar Black 7200rpm - Scratch - Pagefile


                      Pagefile is managed by windows I think?


                      Huge amount of space on all drives. My sound is onboard audio as well.



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        Your I/O looks good, with one exception - that partition.


                        What happens with a partition is that the OS sees that as two physical HDD's, when it's really only one - just two logical HDD's. The OS, thinking that it's talking to two, asks for things from each at the same time. The one physical HDD, regardless of cache and controller type, can only have the heads in one place at one time. The OS doesn't understand this, and keeps pressing the HDD to be in two places at the same time. This creates a big slowdown, and is often a major performance bottleneck, plus just reading the two File Tables taks even more time.


                        The only realistic use, that I can think of for a partition, is with a dual-boot system, where each OS is on one partition, and they are never both called into use at the same time.


                        Personally, I'd eliminate that partition. I've used Partition Magic in the past. It was a separate program back then, but is now part of Symantec. I'm sure that there are other partition management/elimination programs, but do not know of any.


                        Years ago, Photoshop could only see 4GB of HDD space for its Scratch Disks - maximum. I had to do partitions of ~ 4GB each, to get more Scratch Disk space for PS to use. About PS 7, that limitation was lifted, so I had a 32GB HDD, that could be used completely for PS Scratch Disks, without that 4GB limit. That was when I used Partiton Magic. Though I had little in those partitions, it merged them into one logical and physical drive with ease. It was so simple that I was astounded. Many have used it with plenty of data, etc., and loved it. Now, with your programs installed on D:\ and all of the Registry entries, I would definitely check very, very closely, to make sure that you can merge the partitions and not loose the functionality of your programs.


                        For me, even if I had to reinstall all of my programs, I'd merge the partitions, but that is just me. I like getting the most performance to my OS, my programs, and the rest of the computer, that I can.


                        Good luck,



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                          Pure2 Level 1



                          Thank you for your detailed response regarding my setup. I will remove that partition as soon as I get back home. Its no big deal to me as PS7 & PE7 is the only software installed so its fairly straightforward to re-install.


                          Many thanks, I have grabbed the download you suggested re AISO.


                          You do really good work on these forums Hunt, Adobe are very lucky that you and others here give their time so freely. Thank you for what you are doing for us that have less knowledge of these wonderful programs.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9
                            Its no big deal to me as PS7 & PE7 is the only software installed so its fairly straightforward to re-install.


                            This is great news. I was worried about you having tons of software installed on the partition. That was why I gave you the warning.


                            Other than that, your I/O is so much better than most. Three physical internal HDD's is my minimum rec., and you're there already!


                            Hope that your travels are for fun, or at least will be fun. Travel safely, and let us know how things go. While the removal of the partition might not clear up the audio issue, it will enhance and increase overall performance.


                            Happy travels, and happy editing,