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    Any possibility to transfer an eBook from one Adobe ID to another?

    David Mark Wood

      Dear forum,


      Hmmm, sorry for the possibly newbie question, seems like this should be RTFM, but I can't seem to find the FM.


      We have a customer who unfortunately inadvertently has purchased eBooks via two computers authorized with two different Adobe ID's.  And she'd now like to get eBooks from both machines onto one eReader.  Is there any way to do that?  We know how to authorize and deauthorize the eReader, but as soon as you authorize via one Adobe ID/computer the eBooks from the other Adobe ID/computer become unopenable, right?  And if this isn't formally supported, is there any chance of doing this behind the scenes via a support intervention?  The customer now understands what went wrong here, so this should be a one-off situation, and not systematic (at least for this customer...).


      Thanks very much...




      David Wood


      p.s.  Possible enhancement request for ADE:  a menu option somewhere for eReader deauthorization, the current key combination is pretty obscure and doesn't really seem to be documented anywhere.