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    Drag and Drop on Spark


      Hi all,


      I m trying  to use the  drag and drop comportment on a spark group and doesn t work. They are drag event listeners in properties  for group in the autocompletion.


      But  when i try it nothing happend.


      What about this ?





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          mike_morearty Level 1

          Hi Stef,


          Drag and drop is not actually supported on Spark Groups.  It is a bug that those events are showing up in the code hints.  I've logged it: http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/SDK-23529


          Thanks - Mike Morearty, Flash Builder

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            deepa subramaniam (adobe) Level 2

            Hi Stef (and Mike) -


            Sorry, Mike swung by my cube to ask me about this and I misunderstood and gave him incorrect information.


            So, inherited from UIComponent are several drag-related event listeners such that you can specify event handlers directly in your markup (MXML). Group and other Spark components inherit these properties since they extend from UIComponent. However, currently, nothing in the Spark component set are insturmented to understand drag gestures and dispatch the appropriate drag events. We are currently working on wiring this up in the Spark List, but Group and its derivatives do not have this support natively built in yet. We want to leave those event properties there such that external users could, if they wanted to, interpret mouse gestures to turn them into drag and drop actions.


            Hopefully this makes sense.



            Deepa Subramaniam, Flex SDK

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              pfff... Level 1

              Thanks for the answer.


              Finally the dragEnter, dragExit, dragDrop   events  work on Group.


              I don t  understand  why in the first  time   my events weren t  handled ...