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    ILLUSTRATOR INSTALL - "Catastrophic Fail" please help!


      Hey Everyone!

      I just received the Adobe CS3 Design Standard program from my friend as a present. When I opened the box I followed all the instructions, etc. and everything installed fine except it said that I could not install Illustrator because it was already on my computer. I was very confused because although I have illustrator files (documents from projects that I use on other computers) I no longer have the program at all. Earlier this year I had a demo but it expired and I thought I had uninstalled it. I have searched my entire computer and found no remnants of the program left. What is going on? How can I remove this nonexistent illustrator so that I can install the real one. Is there some kind of hidden file I should look for or a type of file that informs my computer that illustrator is already installed that should exist? I called Adobe, but couldn't get through to a real person and didn't know how to navigate their phone stuff. If they have an e-mail where I can get ahold of them and explain my situation or if any of you know the answer to this please get back to me. PLEASE HELP! I need Illustrator for school, which starts in 5 days so if anyone has any information please let me know! Thank you!