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    HDV and DV workflow to end on DVD

    Nick Volp


      I know this topic has been covered extensively over the years, but I found the threads very convoluted and was unable to come to a clear answer for the best method as it stands today using Premiere Pro CS3 v. 3.2.0 (374). I hope someone can offer a clear cut solution for me.


      Working in PAL, I have HDV footage (shot on a Sony Z7) and DVCAM footage (shot on a Sony PDX 10) - I want to combine these in a 6 minute project to finish on DVD. What is the best way of doing this in order to get the most out of my HDV footage and ease of use?


      My current method is:

      1) I captured the HDV footage in a native HDV project.

      2) captured the DVCAM footage in a normal DV widescreen PAL project...

      3) imported the HDV into the DV project

      4) having to resize all the HDV to 54% once I've dropped it into my sequence


      Step 4 is where it becomes bothersome and slow... and I fear there will be artefacts in the final image.


      Thanks in advance