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    Camera control from Lightroom


      Hi i'd like to epose you my idea: I have a Kodak DCS Pro Back for my Hasselblad V system and I usually remote the digital back via it's Camera Control software.

      Shoots destination is a Lightroom watched folder in order to display images in the software soon... BUT camera control software it's unsupported by OSX Snow Leopard and Kodak will not develop any release of the software anymore.


      So what 'bout a Lightroom plugin that sends to the camera the "shoot" command and grab the image??


      1. I have requested kodak the DCS PRO BACK SDK (i'm waiting for it)

      2. It's actually possible to write down a such a plugin with the Lula system (sorry never worked with it)



      Is this a good idea for you or a fake??


      Let me know




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          escouten Adobe Employee

          Hi Andrea, it might be possible to accomplish this, but I think you'll be bumping up against some of the limits of the Lightroom SDK:


          * It will be difficult to come up with a user interface that is attractive because we only really offer the option of modal dialogs.

          * The only way to call through to someone else's library (such as the Kodak SDK) is to build a separate application process and call out to it. There are many Lightroom plug-ins (notably, Tim Armes' LR2/Mogrify) that do this today.


          I'll consider this as a feature request for making this easier in a future version of Lightroom.

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            abardi Level 1

            it would be a very interesting pro feature for Lightroom expecially for

            Digital backs (consider the fact that kodak does not support anymore their

            products.. but their products are very very diffused between pros).


            The user interface is not such a problem if you don't want to implement live

            view: at the end foundamental il

            - Choose a destination folder on local drive for images

            - Trigger the camera shoot

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              mountainstorm Level 1

              You could try my program (StudioTether) - it's available from my website www.mountainstorm.co.uk.  It may work as it uses the underlying PTP protocol - if the digial back supports PTP then you may get lucky. 


              Unfortunately you wont be able to write a plugin in Lua as you can't load native code modules - you also have very very limited options for a GUI.


              What I'd love is for Adobe to extend the API to allow native code modules (or even better IPC support to communicate with a server process) and ideally add the ability to create new "modes" so we could add a whole "Import" mode.


              Here's hoping.



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                SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

                Rich, did you ever have success with Canon tethering?

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                  mountainstorm Level 1

                  no. I've got the official API but all my code talks PTP native, and 

                  their is one custom Canon message which they use (to un-busy the 

                  camera) which they don't document.


                  I'm actually working on a new codebase which will allow me to multiple 

                  custom API's, so hopefully when I get that done I should have it