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    Image Ready vs. Fireworks

    A. Wayne Webb Level 1

      This posting is directed to those of us who were more accustomed to a workflow using the Photoshop to Image Ready to GoLive or Dreamweaver.  Or perhaps more aptly, a digital workflow of the Good 'Ol Days when Fireworks were those lights in the sky.  This is directed more towards those who are accustomed to creating your custom made, non-Spry Menu navigation bars in Photoshop and porting it into Image Ready for the graphics and HTML creation.


      If you are installing CS4, which comes with Fireworks CS4, try to retain Image Ready.  While in some regards Fireworks is more capable in many instances, those first coming it to will have a steep learning curve.  The terminologies used, the choice of words and / or phrases, are at times foreign and confuse the needs of the user.  Since there is no simple solution, and many of the features of Fireworks are not needed in a Photoshop workflow, keep on using Image Ready.  And finding an online tutorial tailored to the workflow described above is not a possibility.  I know, I looked!


      Keep your Image Ready install handy on another computer.  Open your navigation bar in Image Ready, make your slices there and then export to your heart's desire.  Once you convert the HTML to a DTD the code and graphics thus created are out of the box compliant and validated, especially if you export your slices as CSS, and are easily ported into Dreamweaver.


      Image Ready is not dead, just dormant and sittin' on the porch in a rocker!