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    Style attribute not workin in CF8 CFChart?


      Okay, this is a wierd one.


      I am currently working on applying an <xml> style set to a <cfchart> tag using the style="" attributes. Locally, this works fine, however when I port the chart to the testing server, it breaks with the error, "The chart type specified in the style is not a supported ColdFusion chart type".  If I comment out the style attribute, cfchart works on that server (without all my careful styling of course).  I've tried just putting in an empty style, a one line style.  It doesn't matter, it still breaks.


      I don't have any control over the testing server, however I have been able to figure out a few things.

      1) Both my local dev environment and the testing server are running CF 8 Version 8,0,1,195765.

      2) The test environment has some things locked out of it, specifically it doesn't have a virtual directory to CFIDE (tho I was able to work with the server admin and put one in for testing purposes which didn't help).


      3)The ColdFusion8\wwwroot\WEB-INF\cftags\META-INF\taglib.cfld on the testing server has the cfchart style attribute implemented the same as on my local dev environment.


      Any ideas? Any places I should be looking? I'm stumped and would love to get my clients off the 10 year old Java Graphing program they are currently using if possible.