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    CS4 crashes when building Thumbnail clips on tracks

    mcprovideo Level 1



           I have recently upgraded to Premiere CS4 (4.1) from CS2 just to do HD using XDCAM footage and it consistently crashes on two separate PCs which have been reformatted and reloaded just for video Editing.  I finally was able to find a pattern and a midway solution.  I have to disable displaying thumbnails on the tracks in order for Premiere to work otherwise it stops responding.  This only happens with HD footage.


      I have one PC Dell Workstation 490 8Gb or RAM (Choice of OS. One partition running XP and another Vista 64 Bits)  Plenty of HD space available . Dual Quad Core.  Nvida GX Quadro FX54


      Another PC  Dell Workstation T755 with 12Gb RAM running Vista 64Bits. Quad Core Xeon  Video Card ATI RADEON 4750HD 1Gb. HD 15k RPM


      I have the same problem on both.  If I leave the thumbnails turned on I have to be quick and Zoom into the track in order to avoid having the program build too many thumbnails.  I can reproduce the problem by zooming out of the track while having thumbnails turned on.   The sound will continue to play but video would eventually freeze.


      Has anyone seen this problem?  It sounds like a leak of memory issue but it happens on both PCs with very different configurations.