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    Adobe Reader Restrictions - deletePages()


      Hi, I'm new to scripting in Acrobat and I've run into a problem.


      I'm creating an order form that uses JavaScript to prompt the user with a question, asking them how many pages are in their order (The range is from 1 to 10). The original document is the maximum of 10 pages and once the user inputs a number, the script goes through and deletes pages until the number of pages that the user inputted remains. (All of the pages of the order form are identical).


      This works great in Acrobat but not in Reader. I understand that there are restrictions on deleting pages in Reader but in the Adobe JavaScript API Reference (Acrobat 8 version pg. 281) under deletePages it says that pages can be deleted in Reader if "forms usage rights" are enabled. I tried the Advanced > Enable User Right in Adobe Reader menu option but that restricts deleting or modifying pages even in Acrobat (doesn't work in Reader either) so I figured that wasn't the option they are talking about.


      This is the description given in the JavaScript API Reference:


      "(Acrobat 6.0): Beginning with version 6.0, this method deletes spawned pages from within Adobe Reader for documents with forms usage right enabled."


      Hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on this problem. Thanks in advance.