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    How to control browser plugin appearance?

    Don Fisst



      Is it possible to control how the Reader browser plugin appears when users load a PDF from a web server? I would like to be able to specify such things as which toolbars are available, the page zoom level etc.


      The context is this. I am developing a web application with a backend that produces PDF and serves it to the client. The client is a Javascript based frontend written in ExtJs.


      So, is it possible to do this somehow?



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          I'm sorry not to give you the answer - but I have a similar question, so I'm free to add it to yours.


          I want to control / listen to the events of the forward/backward button of the browser plugins (Firefox, IE...) via Javascript. Is that possible? I know that there are strong security restrictions concerning PDF Documents, but does that also concern the reader's control buttons?


          Regards and thanks in advance,