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    CFchart: yaxis ScaleMin ignored


      Has anyone else had a problem with yaxis ignoring the scalemin? I have a line graph where my lowest number may be 0, but will never be negative. If there is data that is 0, the yaxis goes to a negative number.

      If I put yaxis scalemin="0", it ignores it unless I put in labelcount.

      Then the numbers are no longer grouped nicely by thousands (they go to 3 decimal points... I have only Integers!!!!).

      Then to fix this, I tried this:

      <yAxis scaleMin="0" labelcount="6">
      <labelFormat pattern="##,##00"/>
      <parseFormat pattern="##,##00"/>
      <format pattern="##,##00"/>



      Now it ignores the patterns! All I want to cahnge is the scale min, and now I'm putting fixes on top of fixes!

      If someone can help, please do!

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          I have a similar issue but occurring differently.  In my case, ScaleMin is ignored when there is only one data point to plot.  I specified scaleMin to 20 and scaleMax to 100.  I only have one data point at 65 (or any number between 20 to 100).  In such scenario, cfchart would ignore the scaleMin values and would ALWAYS use 0.  However, if I have two or more data points, cfchart DOES use my specified scaleMin value.