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    second animation after end of transision

    NickDF__ Level 1

      so here is what I cant think how to do.


      I have done a custom component including 5 buttons. in the default state of it, the buttons just sit there.

      The problem is that I'm using an intro screen to my application, so when the transition to the main stage ends the component is coming on screen.

      I want to be able to fade in separetely each of the buttons of the component as soon as the transition of the main application ends. In order to create a nice effect for the first time the custom component displays. What event should trigger this transition? can I start a transition right after the end of the other one?


      I know how to make it using code editing(I think) but I dont want to use flash builder at this early stage since I cant bring the project back in Catalyst later.

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          acath Level 4

          Hi Nick,


          One thing you can do is give your custom component 2 states: Preload and Main (or something like that).


          At the end of the main app's transition, add a "Set Component State" effect, and make your custom component go from its Preload to its Main state. This will trigger the Preload > Main transition.


          Does that work?



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