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    Burning dvd


      I'm having trouble burning a dvd on Premiere 4. I tried burning to a disk twice but it stopped after only a little into the burning process, I left it on overnight. So I burned it to a folder so as not to waste disks and it did it with no problems. When I opened the folder it doesn't specify what you should copy. So when I started clicking on a few things one opened the video on Windows Media Player and I could see the movie I made but the icon only showed it was .99 gigs instead of the over 4 gigs that it should of been. But I said what the hell and burned it. Well, nothing came up on the screen when I tried to play the dvd. Tried it again, same thing. So I burned the entire folder and it opens up on the computer just like the original folder and it plays the same but it won't play on my tv and dvd, itsays no audio, no data.


      So, after getting frustrated and wasting 5 dvd's I went to Windows Movie Maker and made the same movie and burned it in no time. Now I'm thinking why bother with Premier, well I have a movie that I spent a lot of time on from last Christmas but never burned and I don't want to let all that time go to waste. If someone can help it would be great. Thank you.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, please tell us the Duration of the Timeline, that you are burning to DVD. You meniton that the .VOB is .99GB, but that you expect over 4GB on the DVD. I'd like to address that disparity first.


          As for the physical burning of the Folder to DVD, I recommend the freeware program, ImgBurn. It is great, small, free and will also allow you to burn at a slower speed, than PrE will.


          Next, what blank media are you using? That can have a very big impact on how a set-top player plays the DVD-Video.


          Last, pick up a pack of DVD RW discs. Use these for your tests. Do not use these for delivery.


          Good luck, and please let us know more about your Project, thanks,




          PS - welcome to the forum

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Oops, sorry. Link to ImgBurn.


            Good luck,



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              lb41854 Level 1

              Hi Hunt, thanks for responding so quick. The time line is 1hr 20 min and the folder has 4 scenes that are .99 gigs, one scene about 200 megs and the title scene about 1/2 a meg. They are VTS_01, 0 thru 5. I also just noticed a VOB file of only 8 KB that when I clicked on it it plays the whole video.


              As for the burning of the dvd I had no problem it copied the scene I told it to and I burned the video with Movie Maker with no problems so I don't think it's the software.


              The disks are Memorex dvd-r, again no problems burnig them.


              Thanks Luigi

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                OK, 01:20 at high quality should give you about 3.5 - 3.7 GB of material on your DVD-Video.


                Now, with regards to the .VOB structure, your first .VOB will have title info, Menus, and navigation, plus the first part of the MPEG-2 file. It's size will be right at 1GB. Each additional .VOB will be that same 1GB, until you get to the last one. It will be 1GB,or less. This will be the way that all DVD-Videos will sort out.


                Those .VOB's will reside in a VIDEO_TS folder with the .IFO and .BUP files.


                Now, for playability on set-top players, remember no set-top player is required to play ANY burned DVD-Video disc - only replicated, pressed ones, hence that DVD logo on the front. Most do, but some just do not.


                Also, Memorex is about the worst brand that you can use. They buy the cheapest possible discs from others, and stamp their logo onto the discs. In a spindle of 50, you might also have discs from 4-5 different companies, all stamped with the Memorex logo. Some might work well, and then you hit some from another mfgr., and they do not. I strongly recommend either Verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden blank media. With over 1500 DVD-Videos burned and delivered, I have never had a failure, or a returned disc, with those two brands.


                Burn speed can also play a role in the playability. PrE will do an average of the speed of the media and the max speed of the burner, and decide what will be used. It will go as fast, as it can. My authoring/burning application, Encore allows me to pick and choose. The same for ImgBurn. Some argue that this is a hold-over from the early days of DVD-Video, and that burn speed is meaningless. I've encountered many recent instances where burn speed DID matter with regards to playability. Also, Jim Taylor, one of the developers of the CD, DVD and BD specs. urges for slow burn speeds for burned discs. I will defer to an expert here.


                Hope that some of this helps.


                Good luck,



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                  lb41854 Level 1

                  Thanks for all the info Hunt, but which file out of the folder do I copy so I get a readable disk I can play on a dvd player? Also why won't Premiere burn to a disk without problems? Movie Maker burned first time with no problems.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    which file out of the folder do I copy so I get a readable disk I can play on a dvd player?


                    To get a DVD-Video, that is playable on a set-top player, or a computer through DVD software, you want a DVD disc with the VIDEO_TS folder, and all of the enclosed files. Do not alter anything.


                    why won't Premiere burn to a disk without problems?


                    To answer this question, we'll need more info. Did you get a message, saying that PrE cannot find your burner, or similar? Any other error messages? That it burned to a Folder is a good sign, as it means that PrE can do the Transcoding - the step of converting your Project to the proper MPEG-2 format, and then creating the necessary folder structures and files.


                    Did you burn the VIDEO_TS folder to a DVD disc with ImgBurn? How did that work out?


                    Good luck,



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      I wanted to persue this separatey.


                      Going back to your VIDEO_TS folder, what are the files contained inside of it? Next, let's just look at the various .VOB's. What is the total size of only the .VOB's? I want to make sure that you have everything in that folder, that you need. This is very important.


                      Good luck,



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                        lb41854 Level 1

                        VIDEO_TS    VOB        8KB

                        VTS_01_0.BUP            64KB

                        VTS_01_.IFO                64KB

                        VTS_01_0    VOB        520KB

                                        1                    1,048,544KB

                                        2                            "

                                        3                            "

                                         4                            "

                                        5                        206,834KB

                        VIDEO_TS.BUP                    12KB

                        VIDEO_TS.IFO                        12KB


                        That's everything in that folder. I haven't downloaded the IMGBURN yet, I

                        will then use that to burn the file. Maybe Premiere doesn't like Memorex, I

                        have a unopened pack of 100, I'll try to return them but I don't have a



                        I don't think it gave me an error message, I just stopped it after it was

                        stuck for so long. It stopped after about a 1/4 inch on the progress scale

                        both times I tried to burn to a disc.


                        Thanks again, Luigi.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Something is not quite adding up. Now, reading around the "&n bsp" coding, it appears that you have 4x .VOBs, that total 4.095GB, plus .VOB 5 @ 206,834KB. That adds up to ~ 4.3 GB, plus those little .IFO and .BUP files, so you have a full (4.7GB) disc. You indicated that you did not have a full disc. Could you be incorrect on that?


                          Is your root folder's name "VIDEO_TS," with all those files inside of it? That is the way that it should be.


                          Do try ImgBurn, and if you can locate Verbatim blank media, use that. I also suggest "testing" with a pack of DVD RW media. You can rewrite these, and when things are not working correctly, reuse them over and over. This will save wasting expensive blank media, especially the Verbatim. You will ONLY use these RW's for testing, and when all is good, then burn the non-RW media for delivery. Remember, these are JUST for testing, and not delivery. A 10-pack of RW's has lasted me for about 3 years, and I've use some 50 times. So far, they are all still going strong.


                          Good luck, and please report your success.



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                            lb41854 Level 1

                            Thanks for all your help Hunt. Took a while to download IMGBURN, it wouldn't

                            let me at first, and then to figure it out. But I got the dvd burned and it

                            works on a DVD player.


                            Thanks again, Luigi

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              Great news! And, thanks for reporting.


                              Hope that all goes well for you,