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    Which Server side technology to use?

    camranhameed Level 1

      Folks i have been doing flex development recently. I have followed the Lynda.com online training library's tutorials. I have also developed a web based application and used php as server side language.


      Now at this point, i want to develop expertise in one server side language. Let me tell you in advance that i am comfortable with PHP and J2EE and i have no idea of ColdFusion and ASP.NET. So i want to ask that which server side is the best one to learn and develop expertise.. coz it will be alot difficult to become Jack of all and master of none... i mean, can any one outline pros and cons of different ones and suggest me a server side language that can be used to develop every kind of web-apps from simpler ones to e-commerse type fully functional dynamic websites....




      Waiting for responses...

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          Jerry62712 Level 1

          I have done PHP and  ASP and there is nothing wrong with continuing to learn and using PHP.

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            camranhameed Level 1

            thanks for your reply



            YOu mean that we can develop fully functional ebay type ecommerse sites using Flex and PHP?? .. So will i be able to use data services?? i dont know much about them but i have heard that they are used with j2ee..?? And then, where to find such resources... I have looked on web and all they give is JSON interface and simpler ones...

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              jptech-ryan Level 1

              I use Java (J2EE) and I'm happy with EJB + Flex integration.  If you're looking for a starting point for designing data services as EJBs and connecting with Flex, have a look at BlazeDS http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/blazeds/Overview I believe it's a subset of Adobe LCDS (and it's open source).  I think you lose some messaging and the automatic data push (sync) technology.


              If you're using BlazeDS + EJB you'll need to look at the EJB and Flex Integration EJB3 Factory http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?event=extensionDetail&extid=1089970 It will allow the EJB container to instantiate your EJBs rather than having them instantiated by BlazeDS (which breaks EJB injection via the container).  Someone correct me if I miscommunicated the concept.


              I thought this http://www.jamesward.com/census was a neat benchmarking tool when I started.  It doesn't seem to be working for me now though.  AMF is excellent for data transfer.  I've found it works best with a decent DTO (data transfer objects) strategy.


              Edit: I just remembered why I never post here.  These forums rank amongst the worst I've ever used and I've been on the internet since 1995.  The only thing missing is an unreadable captcha.  Links should work now.

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                JeffryHouser Level 4

                At the end of the day, the server side technology you choose does not matter.  For all intents and purposes whether you choose, ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, ColdFusion, or something else they can all perform the same basic functions.


                Yes, you could build a site like eBay with Flex and PHP.  Or Flex and .NET.  Or Flex and Coldfusion.  You get the picture, right?


                So, choose something that makes sense.  If you use windows, the barrier to entry for .NET is nill.  PHP also has a low cost of entry, and will be slightly more flexible in terms of supported platforms.


                ColdFusion--which is what I use--will be a lot easier to learn if you're familiar to HTML [or MXML].  You can develop for free with the developer edition, but you'll need a license for production.  Many web hosts offer ColdFusion Hosting for low cost.


                At the end of the day, your server side choice doesn't matter.

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                  camranhameed Level 1

                  thank you all of you.. for your replies..