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    How to automate saving single swf files?

    Mark Pleasant

      Right off the bat.... I'm a newbie...it will be obvious I'm sure. This is what I'm doing....


      01. I take a PowerPoint slide show and convert it to an  .emf (MetaData) PowerPoint show in power point.

                ( an aside...I have used enhance MetaData and regular MetaData and haven't noticed any difference. No biggie I guess)

      02. I then load the Flash CS4 stage with the .emf PowerPoint slide show.

      03. Do some clean-up.

      04 I then must save individual .swf files of the timeline. ( I notice there doesn't seem to be a key board stroke for Export Image... that seems weird)

      05. I do all the mouse clicks and save the .swf's in a folder. For 80 or more slide per show this is very tedious I must say. Clicking, numbering, saving, advanceing, clicking, numbering saving...etc. I typically end up with a folder with ...Slide_01, Slide_02, Slide_03 etc. which is what I want.


      What is the best way to automate this process? I'm not a programmer, but is a Macro program what I need. Or is there a way in Flash to simplify this process     ..of course I'm not a programmer.



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          RossRitchey Level 4

          1. You can customize the keyboard shortcuts in Flash.

               - Go to Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts

               - When the dialog opens, you must duplicate the set by clicking the left-most button next to the Current Set drop-down (the tool-tip displays "Duplicate Set" when you hold the mouse over it for a second)

               - Navigate the tree into File/Export

               - Select the Export Image node

               - Click the "+" button in the Shortcuts area

               - Hit the key combination you want to use for this

               - Click the "Change" button

               - Resolve any conflicts the shortcut you set creates

               - Click OK


          2. Is there a reason you are exporting each slide as a SWF?  Why not an image format, like JPG, PNG, or GIF?

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            Mark Pleasant Level 1

            Thanks! That should be a huge help.


            As for why .swf's I could be wrong but the swf's look shaper if the slide is reduced or enlarged as they are viewed in our on-line application. When I have used jpg or png they seem to break-up and don't seem as sharp if the viewing size is varied. I thought swf's were vector files as opposed to bitmapped graphics...am I wrong?


            THANKS again!!!! I'll give this a try