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    Premiere Pro CS3 Encoding Error


      I'm supporting an end user who has been using Premiere Pro CS3 for years to develop and encode videos on their computer.

      Recently, they have been experiencing an issue with one particular project they're been attempting to encode.  The project is nothing out of the ordinary, various video and audio files, a little bit of text.  They're trying to encode the project down to an MPEG2 format for burning to a DVD.


      The problem occurs about 20%-30% through the second pass of rendering.  Premiere Pro will give an application error, stating that memory referenced cannot be "written".  The program then shuts down and the attached Event Viewer log is written.  I've done research, but haven't found any items relating to these errors.


      The only major change that I know of on his computer was that Adobe After Effects was installed recently.  I don't know the version level of After Effects installed.


      Premiere is up-to-date.  The user demonstrated the ability to encode other projects, both larger and smaller, without issue.  All of the files been used as part of the problem project have been used in the past without issue.  I'm having the user deconstruct their project to try to identify any layers or files that may be causing the problem.  Rather than go through that tedious tasks, I'm hoping someone has an idea of what's going on.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Take a close look at the fonts used in the titles around that point in the timeline (20-30%). There have been numerous similar cases where the font used turned out to be the culprit.

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            JohnDonBC Level 1

            My user indicates that he hasn't used a lot of text in the project, but he also cannot be sure because the development of the project has spanned a couple of weeks.  He is going to continue to work on the project, but I'm going to have him change the font to something a little more "vanilla" to see if that affects the rendering issue.


            I will let you know the outcome as soon as I have one.

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              If the project have captured video, this problem can be caused by defective capture. Frames of captured video can have compression problems even not having any apparent defect when they are showed. Since some compressions are inter frames, the compression can have defects during the capture. the funny is, the appearance of those frames can look like normal (since human eye cant see and scan those thousands/millions of pixels one-by-one and detect which one is defective).When you are about to encoding it, or "trancode" it, the change from a defective compressions to a mpg2 DVD for example make the program crash.


              If thats the case, u can check in which frame Prem crashes, get the clip to AE and re-export it to a completely diferent format and compression, them replace the Premiere clip by the new one.