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    Clip by timestamp

    Robert Warnestam

      I've just downloaded a trial version of PE (Premiere Elements 8) and was hoping there where a function which I could retrieve HDV movvies from my Canon HV 10 and split the scenes by time/change detection. So far I have not found it yet - have I missed it? Or do I have to use an external tool to make this (like the famous HDVSplit program)?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Check out the Premiere Elements 8 Help PDF for the full story

          Capturing Video

          Capture Video

          Split scenes by timeline or content or content change


          Bottom line is that the situation remains the same as in Premiere Elements 7, namely Scene Detect by Timecode is default for DV and Scene Detect by Content is the default for HDV and WDM. Further, Scene Detect by Timecode will not work with DV copied to another tape. Like in Premiere Elements 7, in Premiere Elements 8 you can split a clip after capture or import (right click clip in Project Media, select Scene Detect which will be by content)


          It looks like there is a new member in the Capture team, AutoAnalyzer. You have to click Split Scenes as well as AutoAnlyzer for it to work. I am assuming that it should work for DV Capture by Timecode and HDV Capture by Content. I have not tried it.


          So, it looks like HDVSplit should be it for capture firewire and splitting clips by Timecode, followed by importing the split clips into Premiere Elements 8 via Get Media/Files & Folders. Also, at this time, I do not know if HDV capture firewire, especially from those Canon camcorders, will be any less problematic, requiring HDVSplit once again.



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            Robert Warnestam Level 1

            Thanks for your answer. Even the latest version of Adobe Premiere cant compare with the simplicity that HDVSplit offers. I'm just curious why Adobe has choosen to not to implement this useful function - is it because they are focused on pros rather than normal consumers?


            In the latest releases of Windows there is a "import pictures" function and in the future we can hope for a "import movies" function which should download movies one by one from the camera with complete metadata of the shootings...