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    PDF displays differently from Illustrator CS4 to Acrobat 9.1.x - no idea why

    Christopher Plessinger

      My name is Chris Plessinger. I'm the local IT support for a company that produces promotional products.


      Recently, the Art Department came to me with a problem.


      They had a graphic that was sent to them by the customer in a PDF file.


      The PDF, when opened in Acrobat 9.1, shows an image with another image imposed on the lower left hand corner.

      When the PDF is opened in Illustrator CS4, the image is there, but the smaller image that was imposed on the lower left corner isn't there.


      In Illustrator, when you press CTRL-Y, you can see the outline of where it would be, but it's clearly not there.


      I'm don't know enough about the software to determine why it is showing up in one Adobe product and not displaying in another.


      I am uploading the file in question to this post.


      I would be very, very appreciative of any feedback on I can get on this issue. I'm not a graphic artist and can't answer the question being posed to me.