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    How to change the default pdf generator font


      I have simple ascii text files, can be opened in any editor; like MS Word. When I run them thru the PDF generator; either thru the adminui or the watchfolder, it creates the PDFs using the standard MS Word Font and pitch (Courier New 10.5).  I need these to be changed during PDF generation to a different font and pitch, say Ariel, 9 pitch.  Is there a setting within the PDF generator to set and/or override these defaults?  If so, where would I find it?


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          Kathy Stone

          The Generate PDF service cannot change one font face to another, but the Output and Forms services can. If your LiveCycle installation includes one of these services, you can add <equate> elements to the default XCI document that they consume. For example:


          <equate from="Helvetica Black_*_*" to="Arial Black_*_*" force="0"/>
          <equate from="HelveticaBlack_*_*" to="Arial Black_*_*" force="0"/>
          <equate from="Helvetica-Black_*_*" to="Arial Black_*_*" force="0"/>
          <equate from="Helvetica_*_*" to="Arial_*_*" force="0"/>
          <equate from="Helv_*_*" to="Arial_*_*" force="0"/>


          I have to admit this solution is along the lines of using a cannon to kill a mosquito or cutting the butter with a chainsaw. I picked up these terms from other LiveCycle forums. It's amazing what you learn from these forums.


          For more information, see Designing Forms for Output ES.