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    How to change the default pdf generator font


      I have simple ascii text files, can be opened in any editor; like MS Word. When I run them thru the PDF generator; either thru the adminui or the watchfolder, it creates the PDFs using the standard MS Word Font and pitch (Courier New 10.5).  I need these to be changed during PDF generation to a different font and pitch, say Ariel, 9 pitch.  Is there a setting within the PDF generator to set and/or override these defaults?  If so, where would I find it?


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          Kathy Stone Level 1

          The Generate PDF service cannot change one font face to another, but the Output and Forms services can. If your LiveCycle installation includes one of these services, you can add <equate> elements to the default XCI document that they consume. For example:


          <equate from="Helvetica Black_*_*" to="Arial Black_*_*" force="0"/>
          <equate from="HelveticaBlack_*_*" to="Arial Black_*_*" force="0"/>
          <equate from="Helvetica-Black_*_*" to="Arial Black_*_*" force="0"/>
          <equate from="Helvetica_*_*" to="Arial_*_*" force="0"/>
          <equate from="Helv_*_*" to="Arial_*_*" force="0"/>


          I have to admit this solution is along the lines of using a cannon to kill a mosquito or cutting the butter with a chainsaw. I picked up these terms from other LiveCycle forums. It's amazing what you learn from these forums.


          For more information, see Designing Forms for Output ES.