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    slow motion is distorted on DVD

    1_dizzy Level 1

      When i burn a movie to DVD and watch thorugh a dvd player, the slow motion looks distorted.    have premiere elements 7.  I'm trying to make some highlight sport videos.   What is the best way to burn to DVD and get the best quility.   The slow motion looks good when I make a movie in a H.264 or a mpeg2 format and watch on youtube.  I have a Canon vixia HF200 camcorder.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Now, for some questions:


          1.) What is the Duration of your Project's Timeline?

          2.) What are the details of your Video Assets, your source footage?

          3.) How are you applying Slow Motion?

          4.) How are you viewing your burned DVD?

          5.) What brand of blank DVD media are you burning to?

          6.) What is the Quality setting on your Burn to Disk dialog screen?


          This will go a long way to answering your questions - thanks.


          Good luck,



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            We went through this exact same syndrome recently at another forum that I frequent.


            What worked for that user was:


            Right clicking video on Timeline, selecting Field Options, and selecting de-interlace, and then going on to Create Menus and/or Share/Disc/Disc. Initially I had suggested Reverse Field Dominance in the Field Options. But, he said that did not work, but de-interlace did. By worked I mean that he was able to generate a great .wmv which had before this had presented with the syndrome. He did that in preparation to burning to DVD which was his plan. But, he had computer problems and did not get to that stage yet.


            So, it will be interesting to see if this works for you. By the way, did you notice any before/after Rendering the Timeline in the Edit Mode (press Enter  Key differences in the Monitor playback of this video before you headed for the burn to disc area?



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              1_dizzy Level 1

              my timelines will be anywhere from 10-60 minutes a piece. No matter the length I have the same problem.  I do the slow motion by slicing a section I want in slow motion-move it to another video timeline-I copy it-put the original back into the timeline.  With the copy version in the a seperate timeline, I use the stretch tool and stretch the video approx. 5-6 seconds sometimes less, like 2-3 seconds.  I will put the slowmotion version back into the timeline behind the copied version.  When you watch the video you will see the fast version then right away again in slow motion.  I've been putting them on youtube in HD(h.264 or mpeg2 format) and it looks great, but once to DVD it gets distorted. I'm using Magnavox DVD+R's  right now.   I'm using a HD camcorder that puts out m2t format video.


              I'm videoing  youth football right now. plenty of outdoor light.


              As far as the setting I'm using.  I go to Share-Disc-preset NTSC-widescreen_dolby DVD,  slider is moved all the way to highest quility, then burn disk.



              I would apprectiate any feed back with this issue.  It's almost has me giving up on my projects.  Let me know if you need any more info regarding this issue as well.


              The video looks good on TV except when it gets to a part that I made in slow motion too. I have a 46" 1080P TV and I watched it through my computer on a 23" monitor and the same problem.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                So you are starting with HD footage in an HD Project Preset, using Time Stretch to get the Slow Motion, and then outputting to an SD DVD-Video. Is that correct?


                Are you comparing the SD DVD-Video to the HD H.264 and HD YouTube, shown from the Web?


                If so, down-rezing from HD to SD is not going to yield the ultimate quality results. Many feel that neither Adobe NLE does a really good job of this. Even in PrPro CS4, the results are better using other methods. Unforunately, PrE doesn't work with the same tools as PrPro does. For information, this TUTORIAL for CS4 might be interesting. Also, you must remember that with a DVD, you will be viewing a much smaller Frame Size, than your original HD material. Next, DVD-Video will be Interlaced, where your H.264, and YouTube footage will be Progressive to be viewed on a Progressive monitor.


                Now, many find that Effect>Posterize Time yields better results, than does the Time Stretch Tool. You might want to give that a go.


                Good luck,



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                  1_dizzy Level 1

                  I selected both Reverse Field Dominance and de-inerlace and it worked a lot better.  I will try with just de-interlace and one with just reverse field dominance and see what kind of results I get, but with both it came out a lot better. thanks.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7

                    I will be watching for your results. That fellow over at that other forum will be delighted to learn of your results since he had the same symptoms, but he could get only half of the job done. He did a mini run as a .wmv and got that to look good, but could not get to his DVD-VIDEO that he really wanted because his computer failed.



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                      1_dizzy Level 1

                      ok, I took the reverse field off and did just the de-interlace and it look the same as if I had them both on.  I wished it could be a tad smoother but still a big big improvement.  At least now I can see what is happening in the video.


                      Thanks again