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    FB4 licenses not available?

    RedOctober57 Level 1

      From reading other posts on this topic, is it true that FB4 licensing is not available... yet, the trial versions are limited to 30 days?

      This means that there will be a gap in my learning plans..perhaps a lenghty one, after my license runs out, and before the product is ready for sale.

      Is this true?


      (Users are saying that FB3 licenses don't work in FB4 and if you already own FB3 (which I don't), the upgrade to FB4 is not free)


      If this is true, I'll have to plan around this "FB4 Unavailable" period.    Why not make FB4 free to developers just like ColdFusion9 and ColdFusionBuilder?  Us devs will build the apps, with restricted number of connections, then when we deploy, the customer pays the licensing fee.  Putting up barriers to developer adoption and developer training, like cost, and product unavailability seems counter to what I percieved to be a "we love developers" message I get when I look at all the well made, expensive training videos available.

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          Vera Carr Level 2



          We'll have a beta 2 out shortly and the trial will be extended to 60 days. It is true that if you do not have a FB3 serial number, you will not be able to extend your trial beyond the 60 days. If you were to buy FB3, you would need to upgrade when FB4 is released.



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            RedOctober57 Level 1

            HI Vera,


            I'm going to need 6 months to build what I want to build and see if it's going to work in FB4.


            Products are looking good BTW despite the bugs in the betas.  Adobe has borrowed a lot of excellent ideas from other IDEs including Delphi, my primary IDE.

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              David_F57 Level 5



              I think that proof of concept should be at most 20% of the project time unless you are like me and the POC is almost the release version


              If you are lucky,  if it is like Flex3 the later beta's had a trail period rather than a beta period (60 days). That should be more than enough for making the decision on moving forward with a project.  I am sure that if it arrives at a point where you want to use FB for a project and the release isn't ready Adobe will sort something out for you.