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    Rotate 3D interfering with state reset?  *help*


      I have several shapes (in photoshop) that transition between states... size, location, opacity, etc.

      One of the shapes has a manually applied action "Rotate 3D" on the transition from State 1 -> State 2.


      I have 2 buttons.  A "Next Button" that moves from state 1 to state 2 and a "Back Button" that persists between both states and triggers an onclick to shuttle from state 2 back to state 1.


      First time through after clicking the Next Button everything animates appropriately.  I click the Back Button which reverts back to state 1.

      When I click the Next Button again to switch to State 2 though many of the elements now animate incorrectly to entirely new positions (note: NOT the shape with the Rotate 3D action).  They appear to have shifted to the right by about 400 pixels.


      This only happens once I have used the back button first.


      When I remove the Rotate 3D action, the other shapes return to animating properly.


      Anyone have any idea?  Have spent several days punching my desk on this one.



      Many thanks.