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    export to avi



      I edited 30 sec of movie intro 1440x1080 25fps .


      The intro have some moving text with a moving wallpaper (import from an avi HD video buy from CATOOH) and impact sounds like boom.


      With the preview everythings are perfect, Sound good video quality is good...everything ok...


      So, when I try to export it in AVI format at the best quality DVpro 16:9 optimal ecc..


      Text quality isn't better like preview

      Wall paper video have some blank bug (I don't know how to say in english...a flash of blank screen of the video,the text appear)

      Sound is terrible...the boom became distort..disturb the speakers like boomsshhh :-)


      I'm a little bit frustrated after a evening of work on it.


      Please help me !!!!


      Thanks !





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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          Make sure you export using the Render Queue (Composition > Add to Render Queue, or Composition > Make Movie) instead of using the File > Export command.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As  mentioned, use the render queue end make sure to adjust the output settings. Depending on what you want to do, consider the following:


            • Computers use square pixels. Your HDV-sized AVI with anamorphic pixels may look squeezed. Therefore you may wish to check your comp first and nest it into a square pixel comp for desktop playback.
            • There is only limited choice of compression methods for AVI. Basicalyl it boiuls down to Uncompressed (which will never play smoothly due to the high data rates), DV and a few otehr destructive formats. If you can, use Quicktime or something else (see next point)
            • For mere desktop playback on your computer, Windows Media or H.264 are much more suitable. If your stuff goes on DVD or BluRay, export it as MPEG-2 DVD/ BluRay or H.264 BluRay.



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              daniele.gigola Level 1

              Sorry but I'm a really newbie of video editing..I don't understand why I can not export with the same quality of preview (the preview is perfect).

              So I try to rendering the movie and after to export it in many kind of format...


              The result is:


              Sound is ok

              Text quality is very poor

              Background video have blank flash (not present in preview)



              Only now I see that once upload in youtube the text quality is better than my pc !!!


              I really don't understand !!!


              thanks again

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Well, sorry, there are no easy answers. Understanding different formats and resolutions as well as optimizing compression is one of the trickier parts of this business. You just have to learn that stuff. We all have gone through the same process. For your imemdiate need of uploading stuff to YouTube, H.264 would be more appropriate then using AVIs, so I suggest you study the online help a bit.