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    Preloader does not work as it should in full site




      Firstly I am working with Flash MX Professional 2004 on a mac running Tiger. I am near to finishing a fully flash based website.


      I am fairly new to Flash so experiencing a wee problem with my Preloader. The preloader is an animation in a movieclip that I have placed at the start of each scene that contains only one of my portfolio photos which once downloaded fades in and fades out. The Preloader tested in an isolated test scene on its own works fine, it is placed in frame 1 with the following actionscript 2 and a stop action placed in an actions layer. The downloading photo fade in starts in frame 2. When the user closes the photo it unloads it from the level it is in ready for the user to choose another photo which will go in to the same level.


      Yet when the same scene is played back on its own level within the main website FLA it does work as an animation. Rather it stalls, blank to start with then at 50% download it goes straight to the 100% loaded part of the Preloader animation and stays like that until the photo has fully downloaded. It does this at all bandwidth tests and also does this when tested live once uploaded to server. It should animate smoothly up until the photo downloads. Very frustrating problem. I notice that the first frame of the scene has an unusually large size for some reason as the preloader is only 10kb in reality yet shows as 60kb, may be there is something going on here or perhaps it just needs the script changing slightly?


      Perhaps this is a common problem?

      Perhaps the script is wrong in some way?

      The test site is at:



      The preloader is only applied at the moment to photo menus in the recent and archive sections.


      Anyway the script placed on the preloader animation movieclip is:


      onClipEvent(load) {
      var myTotal = _root.getBytesTotal();
      onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
      if (myTotal > 0) {
      if (_root.getBytesLoaded() == myTotal) {
      } else {
      var progress = Math.round(100 * (_root.getBytesLoaded() /myTotal))
      If any body can help that would be amazing, its been a good learning curve up to now and this has been my first stumbling block.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          the size of your first frame is determined not only by the objects in that frame but also all items exported for actionscript and embedded fonts.

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            peterOxley Level 1

            Hello there


            Many thanks for some help with my preloader issue. OK that is interesting about the first frame containing much more than just the visable work of the preloader movieclip. That explains why the Preloader appears to be 60kb instead of the 10kb it is in isolation in a test scene away from the website. I guess this would cause a big delay in it loading but not why it loads at 100% with no animation.


            What do you suggest is the way around this? Reading other posts I am picking up other possible avenues that are a little beyond my grasp just yet.


            Can the preloader script I sent be modified to just target the work in that scene that it is measuring for download only and ignore the other information?


            Or having done some more reading do I need to tackle the problem in a completely different way and remove the preloader to a seperate scene and somehow get that to work prior to the targeted scene to download? Is that what is known as the moviecliploader class method? Would this still have a first frame download issue?


            Any advise to point in the right direction vastly appreciated.