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    Premiere 7 stops playing at will and stopping in different places.


      Computer specks:  Computer = HP Pavilion dv 7-1285dx, Cpu = Duo-core (tm)2 cpu p8600 Processor @  2.40 GHz , Service pack 2, Vista Home Premium 6GB Ram, Nvidia 9600 with 512 MB,  IDT: HD Audio CODEC Nvidia HDA,  Disk drive--internal--Toshiba MK5055GSX  ATA drive 500GB--with 265 GB free, used 187 GB, - drive: 4 port SATA  AHCI controller-2929,-Raid 0,  Virtual Memory 6,410 MB Managed Automatically by Windows,  Screen Resolution 1440x900 Pixels, Blu-ray & DVD Drives, 32 bit color at 60Hertz.  Average memory usage 4.00GB--Held more than 15 minutes +while stopped in  Pre.  and it was not even playing.  CPU usage average  40% while playing,  My photos are approx. 4752 x 3127,  version 7 in both Pse & Pre.  Project is set to fit to screen in Pse and with fade out & in, then transferred to Pre to finish working the video.  Start the movie, this is where the stopping starts in Pre.  It may stop within 5 seconds or 30 seconds, no reason for the stopping that is apparent. Hit the spacebar immediately  I have ordered Steve Grisetti book on Pse & Pre to help get thing going.