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    Preloader doesn't work properly remotely

    Derek S.

      Hi, first, thanks for the assist. My problem is, I have a preloader which loads an external swf. When I test locally, everything works fine, but when I test remotely:

      1. Preloader runs.
      2. External swf doesn't load into preloader.


      I am using the contentPath to load my external swf, and the only as2 I am using is:

      on (complete) {
          this._parent.loaderPB._visible = false;
          this._parent.mcbgdloader.visible = false;

      to hide the progress bar and graphic used in the preloader.


      I hope I provided enough info. The preloader is a regular fla and the external uses screens. Please let me know if you need any additional details.

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          Derek S. Level 1

          Ok, I found the issue, I didnt take how flash was working with a db-driven site, so while the preloader did it's job correctly, the path when tested locally is different from the remote path. Two ways to solve this:

          1. A simple hack is just to copy the swf to where flash is looking (easy fix, but lazy)
          2. Play around with contentPath to work properly.