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    Sorenson codecs don't show up


      Does anyone knows why the sorenson quicktime codecs don't show up in the codecs library on the new CS4 (after effects, Premiere Pro, PS CS4)  for some reason I have them in older versions CS2 and CS3, but not in the CS4  (none of them have them) and of course I installed the full the CS4 Production Premium directly from the original package with all the options, I have tried  3 times and nothing, also I have re-installed the quicktime pro, but nothing
      Does anyone knows any prooved way to add this codecs to the CS4 codecs libary, you know it has a very good quality video codec in a small size compression
      Thank you in advance

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          It's not a CS4 or even an Adobe-related thing. Some time ago, Apple declared Sorenson Video (and a few others) obsolete. Because of this, you have to enable it manually.


          To enable legacy codecs for QuickTime 7.4 on Mac OS X:

          1. Exit After Effects.
          2. Clickthe Apple Menu.
          3. Select System Preferences.
          4. Select QuickTime.
          5. Click the Advanced tab.
          6. Select Show legacy encoders.
          7. Close System Preferences.


          To enable legacy codecs for QuickTime 7.4 on WindowsXP:

          1. Exit After Effects.
          2. Click Start > Control Panel.
          3. Double-click QuickTime.
          4. Click the Advanced tab.
          5. Under Media Encodingcheck Enable encoding using legacy codecs.
          6. Click OK.


          That said, Sorenson Video really is a legacy codec. H264 is much more efficient, has been around for years and it's compatible with Quicktime and the current Flash plug-in.

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            ricardoplugins Level 1

            Adolfo, God bless you !!!,  It was extremely perfect answered with deep details, I spent many hours tring to fix it myself for other complicated ways in the windows register and adobe codecs libraries, but noooooooooooo, thanks a looooooot man

            Seems like you must be a guru in media, this is very interesting so if apple declared Sorenson obsolete, so which could be the best video codec with approximately the same size rate of space in files than sorenson 3 ? ,  it was not bad and a small difference in quality than Photo Jpeg or Jpeg2000 codecs but a big difference in size ratio,   by the way I have tried H.264 in the best posible quality but it's terrible bad

            So which could be a better codec than sorenson 3 but with approx. the same size ratio in files ?

            Thanks a looooooottttt  Friend, you have no idea how you helped me!!!

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              Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

              Glad to help.

              Actually, I only pasted instructions from an Adobe tech support document.

              H264 is order of mangitudes better than Sorenson 3. Much higher quality at lower data rates. Day and night, really. H264 has emerged as a standard, for everything from online movie distribution at low data rates to Bluray disc authoring at much higher quality thresholds, including also iPod content and digital TV (in some parts of the world). It is now embraced by Flash, the most popular video distribution platform.

              I suspect you're getting bad results because you probably are using the wrong export method, ie the File > Export command. Are you using that or are you adding your Comp to the Render Queue? If you're doing the former, it wouldn't be a surprise. It really isn't a proper way to export video files from After Effects.

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                ricardoplugins Level 1

                Thanks again for answering, when I export from AE I always do it from "Render Queue" and I always sellect the higest quality levels, and for some reasons I'm getting better results with sorenson 3 than H.264 in the best quality, I have seen amazing results on the apple web but not for me

                So you mean that H.264 is good also while editing ? I don't care so much about web uploadings

                I guess I have to try more

                Thanks again.

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                  Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

                  Oh, long subject...

                  H264 was designed as a delivery/distribution codec. In theory, you wouldn't want to edit or work in post with it, because it takes a lot of resources to decode - The temporal compression scheme in it means that most frames only exist when derived from their differences and similarities with previous and later frames. An application has to dive through a lot of frames just to decode the one you want.


                  That said, some video formats are now using H264 at their core. For example, AVCHD and also the famous, HD-video-capable Canon EOS reflex cameras (5D MkII and 7D), which make use of H264 at much higher data rates than AVHCD.

                  Because many formats are now using H264 (and other formats originally designed for delivering video, not making it) Adobe video applications now let you edit native H264 streams (there are some issues with certain AVHCD cameras). If you want to make use of this capability, or convert the footage to a more suitable format for editing/post work, it's up to you to decide.


                  Regading the bad quality you're getting, you can tweak the presets to give them higher overall data rates. They (the presets) are just a starting point, and most of them are probably more tailored for low-bandwidth internet delivery. You are probably using Sorenson 3 with much higher data rates than these. When you set Sorenson 3 at default settings, it easily uses 100-300 KBytes per second for SD video. A really high data rate, compared to what H264 can do with a fraction of that.