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    Null vs. Camera Movement

    Lost In My Mind Level 1

      Spent most of the day working with my camera in 3D space learning quite a lot by playing and experimenting. Just when things were looking pretty good, I tried parenting the camera to a null object. I find it hard to adjust the camera by moving the null object, as it doesn't have all the camera lines which help me with the visual of what is going on. Also, do I set the position keyframes on the null, camera, or both? Still not exactly sure when to use or not use a null, as I have seen some great effects and tutorials both ways. Thanks for any help on how I can do a better job.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          If there is no specific need for a rigged camera, then don't use it. The only reason people build such things is to avoid gimbal lock, i.e. the sudden flip when turning beyond 180 degrees in a direction when a target is fixed or otehr rotation problems. What you keyframe, apaprently depends on what you do. IUf you mimic a crane, you will have to keyframe both, if you just use it to avoid the aforementioned problems, just keyframing the Null is usually enough. To show the camera permanently, check the options of the composition viewer.



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            Wow, helpful as always. Thanks for taking the time to respond.