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    Export as CSS and images - W/rolover


      I would like to export as CSS with images. I have 2 states. State 2 serves as the rolover image. When I export as HTML and images everything works fine as long as "Current State Only" is not checked. When I attempt to export CSS and images the "Current State Only" check box is checked and greyed out so that I am unable to deselect the setting. I was watching the GETTING STARTED: 06 EXPORTING CSS AND IMAGES Episode on Adobe TV by Jim Babbage. I noticed that on his screen the "Current State Only" was not greyed out and assume that it could be deselected. I have seen other screen shots in demos that have the "Current State Only" check box not greyed out. I am using a MAC and Jim is using a PC. Does anyone have an idea why my checkbox is greyed out?