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    repeat animation???



      I saw the discussion,but I havent fund answer for my question.I have problem with swf animation.Import is not problem,but unfortunatelly it si "going"only one time. Is it possible to use this imported animation as a button,which will repeat animation after pressing it?



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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          In Flash Catalyst Beta I

          You can import SWF files and put them inside components like buttons, but they play automatically so you don't have a lot of control over the SWF



          In Flash Catalyst Beta II

          Once beta II is publicly released you'll find find that the timeline supports several commands for controlling swf like Play, Pause, Stop, and Go to and Play, so you can create a transition in a button that plays a swf in the transition Normal > Over. To make the SWF repeat, make the swf loop in Flash before you import it into Catalyst.