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    what are shockwave director, getplusplus, shockwave helper


      Hello community / Adobe experts,


      i would be really thankful if anyone could help me with the following three questions. I tryed google, but didn't find answers.


      Question 1)

      I don't know much about plugins/extensions for Firefox but i though in order to watch media content, you should have

      'Adobe Shockwave Player' and 'Adobe Flash Player' as a plugin.


      I used the Adobe website to install these and the website exactly calls the Player that way

      ('Adobe Shockwave Player','Adobe Flash Player')


      Consequently i expected Firefox to list these Plugins und menu options 'Add ons'.

      But all that is listed here are


      'Shockwave Flash'

      'Shockwave for Director'


      So my questions is, what are these Add-ons exactly?  Is 'Shockwave Flash' the same as 'Adobe Flash Player'?

      Did  the install-process of 'Adobe Shockwave Player' create the plugin 'Adobe Flash Player'?


      And where does 'Shockwave for Director' come from? Is it from the  install process of 'Adobe Shockwave Player'?

      Or is 'Shockwave for Director' not needed for Shockwave content and is there a different shockwave player i should have installed.


      Question 2)

      What is Shockwave Helper and what is it needed for? Is it installed when installing 'Adobe Shockwave Player'

      or where does it come from?

      Do i need it to display the media content or can i block internet acces of the Helper with my Firewall (Kerio)



      Question 3)

      What the hell is 'getplusplus for Adobe 16248'. I missed the moment when it was installed on my system?

      Do you know which process installed it?



      Thank you very much for your support!!!

      I want my system to stay clean and not trashed with unneccessary bulk, so help would be deeply appreciated.


      Kind regards