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    short name ar alias to my project


      anybody tell me,please. how i can make alias to my published project on robohelp server8 in flashhelp pro

      by default  the way is http://<machine-name>:<portname>/robohelp/server?prj=<projectname>

      but it is very long and difficult to remember this way. How i can make the alias?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi psixus.


          The short answer is you can't, at least not in the RoboHelp client or RoboHelp Server application. You could add something like TinyURL to your browser toolbar that could reduce the URL length.


          BTW this is a query that best belongs in the RoboEngine\RoboHelp Server forum. Perhaps one of our friendly moderators could move it there.


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