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    Array from library

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      I have created an array of library mcs, and attached the first mc to 'news_text_holder'.

      When I click a button, I am trying to achieve:

      - 'news4' gotoAndPlay "text_out"

      - Once 'news4' has stopped playing, attached the next mc in the array to 'news_text_holder'.



      My button calls the function 'newsText':


      on (release){





      The code on the main timeline is:


      news_text_holder.attachMovie("news4","news", 1);


      var textArray = ["news4", "news3", "news2", "news1"];

      var textIndex = 0;


      newsText = function (d) {

      textIndex = (textIndex+d)%textArray.length;

      if (textIndex<0) {

      textIndex += textArray.length;




      On the last frame of 'menu4' I have:






      loadNews on the main timeline reads:


      loadNews = function() {


      _root.news_text_holder.attachMovie(pathToPics+textArray[textIndex], "news", 1);





      news_text_holder.news.gotoAndPlay("text_out"); works fine, and the index value in the array seems to change ok in the output menu but the next mc in the array does not appear.

      Any idea where I am going wrong?