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    Import AE Layer Marker to Premiere - dynamic link


      I recently came across controlling animations using layer markers as a trigger + time remapping.  I'm trying to use this method of animating with a full screen graphic for a news video we produce daily.  Currently the projects are setup in this fashion...


      AE: 3 compositions with the text/information we are displaying; edit numbers etc in AE and save.


      Premiere: Dynamic link to the compositions brought into the sequence and positioned correctly; lined up with the host discussing the information.


      We are interested in more complex/interesting full screen graphics and transitions between the "pages" of information, but not all of our editors are familiar with AE.  Also, we are on a strict schedule so we do not have time to edit key frames in AE to match with the audio from our video.  My solution is to use markers in a 'main' composition which contains the 3 pages as pre-comps.  Using markers to control where each page comes in, transitions and goes out - any of our editors could easily slide the marker without touching any keys.


      The only problem foresee is that we would have to continually tab between AE/PPro to find the timing of the in/transition/out and tweak the appropriate layer marker until it matches up with the audio.  My initial thought was being able to control those layer markers IN premiere; as if you had the link between PPro/Encore (chapter markers show up from encore in pPro, etc).


      Main question if you want to skip the above:


      Is there anyway to bring layer markers created in After Effects to Premiere Pro when dynamically linking a number of compositions in Premiere?


      Any suggestions/ideas/comments would be much appreciated!