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    How to Plot Degrees?

    Marie Maier

      Never being sharp in math, I'm trying to divide a circle into various equal parts. My "guessing" isn't too accurate. Right now I need 30 equal parts which is 12 degrees, I think.  Navigator gives me some info, but is there away to do this in AI4 or must I use ruler and protractor and scan it in.... ,(still lots to learn).....thanks so much......mm

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Presuming you want separate paths, you may:


          1) Create the circle;

          2) Create a horizontal straight path with its centre at the centre (Pen Tool or Line Segment Tool);

          3) Object>Transform>Rotate 12 degrees;

          3) Pathfinder>Divide;

          4) Ungroup and remove the large pies;

          5) If you want circular arcs, cut at the Anchor Points and remove the radial parts;

          6) Select both part and Object>Transform>Rotate>Copy 12 degrees until you have them all.


          If you just want to have the appearance of division, or if you want pies, you may use the Polar Grid Tool (flyout from the Line Segment Tool; to create the pies, Pathfinder>Divide (you may have to enlarge the radial divider group).

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            Jesseham Level 4

            Using the ellipse tool, holding shift, draw a circle.


            Draw a vertical line and align it to the circle horizontally and vertically.


            Select the line and go to effect -> distort and transform -> transform.  You'll use this to rotate your line around to define your pie slices.  Enter the info shown:


            Picture 1.jpg

            (14 copies since the original is the 15th)


            Once that's done, object -> expand appearance to make all the lines live.


            Select the lines and the circle and from your pathfinder panel, choose "cut"


            Picture 3.jpg


            Ungroup and you have 15 12˚ pie slices.

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              Marie Maier Level 1

              Thank you! Thankyou! Thank you!! I've printed out the answers and am SO happy to start this all over! Bless you both!........mm

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                JETalmage Level 6

                I need 30 equal parts which is 12 degrees, I think



                Realize that in any rotation value field, you can enter the desired value as a simple expression (ex: "360/30").