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    PP CS4 > Problem with exported H.264 .mp4 video. Can't AME do proper encoding?


      Trying to export a Video of ~60mins using the H.264 Codec .mp4 which converts in AME successfully, allthough when playing back the f
      ile, it has problems after ~40mins. When i try to jump to a later point in the timeline to playback i.e. 48th minute or 50:10 or wha
      tever, the image freezes, audio continues and it takes 10-20 secs untill the video image continues.


      I tried different playback programms like VLC,Windows media etc. and different compressions 2-5Mbps as CBR and VBR1 / 2, nothing cha


      Source is Sony DV and i have some still images as .png. Since the first 30mins work alright, i thought i try out if something with t
      he source material in the timeline is causing the problem , so i cut after the 30st minute and copied the first 30mins behind that
      to get a 60mins video, but exaclty the same playback issue after ~40th minute.


      Is this an most likely a problem caused by AME using H.264 .mp4 Codec?


      Other videos i did months before in the same way using the same source material worked fine. Adobe Premiere and AME is up to date!


      Thank you