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    Unconfiguring AUDIO LEVELS


      HELLO PEOPLE. I HAVE A Problem IN PREMIERE PRO AND NOT as a solution.
      Every time I close a project after SAVE, OPEN IT IS TO WANT ME Unconfigure ALL LEVELS OF AUDIO. IS DOWN TO MINIMUM. SEE THE CONSOLE AND THE SOUND IS ALL PANEAN left (-100). Bone every time I have not heard anything UNTIL reconfigure the audio back.


      HELP ME!

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I just have no clue what you're saying.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            There are several places and ways that one can adjust Audio Levels. One can do it with the fixed Audio Effect>Volume on the Clip. One can adjust it via Audio Gain, by Rt-clicking on the Clip and choosing Audio Gain. Now, one can also apply Track Volume Keyframes to adjust the entire Track. In CS4, this can be done to the Master Audio Track too.


            My guess would be that you might have Track Volume adjustments. These can be set/adjusted manually in the Track, or can be applied via the Audio Mixer. First thing I'd look at would be the Track Volume Keyframes. You can display these, by setting the Keyframe display in the Audio Track Header. Next, I'd look at the Audio Mixer during playback and watch the pots, and also the meters. I'd suspect that something was set at the Track level, and affects that Track, and the Audio Level of that Track with all Clips on it.


            Also, check the Audio Gain (Rt-clicking on the Clips), and also the Clip's Volume Effects in the Effects Control Panel.


            Good luck,