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    downloading free fonts

    pearlyshell Level 1

      I'm trying to download some free Ai fonts to CS4. They are listed in font list but with no sample showing and do not work. HOw do I download fonts, or for that matter, textures etc., in simple how to  instructions, to augment my choices? I choose only reccommended sites but have a difficult time with downloads.

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          Ozzwoman9 Level 4

          You need to tell us what system you are using. How are you trying to install these fonts once they are downloaded, do you have a font manager?


          How are you having a difficult time downloading? Downloading fonts, textures, etc off the net are the same as only other file.

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            pearlyshell Level 1

            I'm  on a MAc OS X10. 6 or more. Once downloaded I open preset manager in the program and  click "search  in   finder" and then try to drag to font book.

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              pearlyshell Level 1

              I  have no difficulty downloading. My bad choice of terms., it's in the loading of the downloads I have difficulty. No font manager. Illustrator is new to me,

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                PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

                Font Book is the default font manager for Mac OS. Have you tried the File>Add Fonts in Font Book? The navigate to the fonts you want to add. The fonts you have downloaded may be Stuffed or Zipped. You may need the decompression program to un-zip or un-stuff the fonts. Have you ever downloaded a file which was compressed and have you ever unzipped or unstuffed a file?

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                  pearlyshell Level 1

                  No i have never unzipped or instuffed a file.nNor tried the File.Add 

                  fonts in font book.I could try that. And get back to you. thank you.

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                    AlexPit Level 1

                    "Free Donwload of fonts" can be an very usefull source of resources wilhe creating, but it can be source of endless problems too.


                    First of all, which type of font you downloaded? T1, OpenType or TrueType? It was made by drawing in a software like CorelDraw and them exported as font or it was programmed? If it was drawned by a softwares theres a very good chace to be defective. If its free, it can be made to its design use, and since its woked to him, it may not work to you. how many fonts do you have already isntaled? Which software manages fonts in your system? Free downloade fonts can come incomplete, lacking some characters (maybe thats why u cant see sample), blocked, defective, because they are free. No warranties of its use.


                    Make a good and complete font takes a lot of time, can take years to make a complete set of 2048 characters, thats why font collections from Adobe, ITC, Agfa, for example, cost such money.

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                      pearlyshell Level 1

                      Okay , I did get the font book and some were zipped. A few didn't load after a warning the "suffix archives were not supportd" and two appeared as blank pages when opened with save as command(I think they were graphics) . And the other few were usable in photoshop but not in illustrator and they must just be for photoshop as I didn't download them. I managed to open some and they are now usable and at same time got some graphics opened and downloaded. Thank you very much for the quick response.

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                        pearlyshell Level 1

                        Yes, I do understand this about fonts and am appreciative of those I 

                        do get to use free. Some that I couldn't load obviously weren't 

                        complete. I don't have a manager(I guess), just the font book. I am 

                        careful of downloads and do plan to purchase more in the future. the 

                        programs were so costly and now I need a time capsule too. Just goes 

                        on. But plans are to purchase a good package, hopefully not too 

                        expensive in future. I love fonts. PLease recommend if you will . and 

                        thank you.

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                          PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

                          A quick easy way to check if a font is useable is to just highlight it in the finder and do a quicklook (Spacebar) in Mac OS (same as you would do to quicklook at a PDF or JPG). I find if I can preview the font in quicklook it should load and work in the Adobe Suite. There is no such thing as a font which will only work in Photoshop and not in Illustrator (In my experience) however, if you download some oddball font off of that interweb thingie it may appear in the font list in some unexpected place.

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                            pearlyshell Level 1

                            AAhhh, okay. that is useful. I am so pleased with responses to my problem. HOpefully I can carry on now with a bit more knowledge under my belt. thank you.

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                              AlexPit Level 1

                              Well theres a simple rule to use with downloaded fonts:


                              If they are not show in PS, AI, InD, in one of them or all of them, its defective, and its better to not use it. Unless the user are looking for RIP problems or defective PDFs to output to print. 90% of free fonts to download are TrueTypes, and if you work with graphic design, this mean a good chance of problems to output even if you see them working in your layout (in fact see them in a layout doesnt mean they will work as intended). So if they are not show in any Adobe software they are defective.