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    How can I prevent the swf files to be downloaded on the client?


      Hello all.

      I'm using flashpaper to convert pdf files to swf files, so the can be more naturally adapted to my web app.


      In order to avoid clients from printing our files, I use a common swf file that loads all the flashpapers.  This common swf file uses action script and the flashpaper API in order to hide the print button.

      So far, so good.


      Now I have a really interesting issue requested by my boss's boss.

      With this schema all we can do is to prevent online printing (which was the first thing the requested...), but, as both swf files are downloaded to the client machine they can latter load the second one (the one with the real info.) directly on a web browser and then print them and do whatever the feel like with them.


      Is there a way I can prevent this second swf file being downloaded from our server to the clients machine?


      If this is possible, I would like to concentrate on avoid this to happen to second swf.  As I mention the first one is just a common interfase so, there is no problem with it.